Pool Memberships

To all Cortlandt Yacht Club Owners, Licensees, and Pool members

It is with great sadness that the CYC board must inform our membership that our pool will not open this season. Early this week we were notified by Westchester county board of health that we would receive our pool permit to commence operations starting on July 15th with the following extremely prohibitive guidelines in place.

  1. Reduced capacity of the pool to %50 occupancy of no more than 50 people at one time.
  2. Face masks are to be worn by all pool members not in the pool at all times inside the gated area
  3. All persons entering the pool must provide names and addresses of all members of their party and answer the health questionnaire, this information must be provided to the state of New York upon request.
  4. Our snack bar can’t open while the pool is running
  5. A member of our club must complete a deep cleaning several times a day while our pool is shut down and this person would be responsible for enforcing social distancing on a pool deck that is not conducive to the 6ft recommended requirements by the state.

The guidelines have been put in place by the Westchester County board of health as well as New York State. The pool management company has stated that they would not be responsible for any of the extra burden in dealing with the Covid-19 guidelines. Cortlandt Yacht Club does not have the staff to carry out the necessary functions to deal with these sanitation duties and hiring outside personnel is cost-prohibitive to the club.

With these factors in place the board has decided that the safety and wellbeing of our members is our number one priority and as such, it is not feasible to open the pool this year. Please understand that this decision does not come lightly, our children and grandchildren are affected as well as yours. We hope that we can move through the next 11 months and get past these overly aggressive and financially challenging restrictions and return to a somewhat normal resemblance of our club we have all grown to love and enjoy.

The CYC board would like to thank everyone for your understanding and we wish you continued good health and safety during these troubled times for you and your entire family. If you have any questions feel free to ask the board members personally, there are several members of the board located on each dock. For questions please reach out to Vinny at 914-772-4929.


Pool at Cortlandt Yacht Club on the Hudson River