Pool Memberships

Hudson River Eats at the Cortlandt Yacht Club

Season Memberships are:
*$150 per person.
*Children under 59 months old are $50.
*Purchasing three membership of $150 a piece will get you $50 in free food vouchers.
*Purchasing four memberships of $150 a piece will get you $100 in free food vouchers.
*Weekday only membership is $100 per person and you will get $25 in free food vouchers.
Email us for more information at cycprivatepool@gmail.com

NEW: Refer a friend or family (not previously joined) and receive a $20.00 gift certificate for the snack bar!

Did you know?  You don’t have to have a boat here to enjoy Cortlandt Yacht Club.  You can join our pool and soak up the sun here, enjoy a nice meal at our outdoor cafe (its really much more than a snack bar!)  and make new friends.

Call Tino at 914 272-8658 to join.